About David

David Dworin is a consultant, adventurer, and c-grade celebrity who helps information-driven organizations, especially professional services firms, develop and drive business strategy.

As a consultant, David has helped consulting firms, market research companies, and law firms develop new products, transform their cultures, streamline their processes, define their strategies, build more engaging environments for their employees, grow their bottom lines, and most importantly, deliver more value to their clients.

Before specializing in professional services firms, David helped clients in hospitality and financial services to built better relationships with their most important stakeholders by engaging their employees, customers, and investors, leading to better outcomes for their businesses.  He also wrote software for inventory control machines and worked in IT strategy for a major automotive manufacturer.

As an adventurer, David likes to explore ruins, dine in fancy restaurants, sail, scuba dive, and make ice cream.  He has led projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, while also traveling extensively for fun.  He speaks nowhere-near-fluent amounts of Arabic, French, and Spanish, and can read and write rudimentary Latin.

As a C-Grade Celebrity, David has spoken on panels relating to inter-ethnic dialogue, trust in the financial services industry, and has led a wide variety of corporate change management and training initiatives.  He appeared as a commentator on Al Jazeera English, was quoted in The Atlantic, and profiled in The Detroit Jewish News.  He has also been to many parties that required you were on a list to get in.  If you’d like to have David speak at your event, please contact him by e-mail.

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